Kosei Chacoal ?

KOSEI CHARCOAL is original ceramic charcoal
which radiate high quality far infrared rays
and grill all kinds of foods & pursuit great taste.

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Comparable to the charcoal fire

Smoky “Flavor” is the most important value on Grilled Food!!

It’s our original “charcoal made by ceramic”
which radiate high quality far infrared rays.

Easy Handling, Energy Saving and Keeping High Quality by using our Griller applying far infrared rays!
We, Japanese, have been having strong attachment and special feeling to “Charcoal Fire”
However, natural charcoal is expensive, require great care & experience…
We, Kosei Kogyo, make it easy?
to grill foods by “Kosei charcoal Griller”!!


◆Easy to handle (stable heat)
◆Easy to install (use gas)
◆Crispy Surface & Juicy Inside
◆Taste of great chef of natural charcoal!!
◆Usable together Natural charcoal for its scent?
◆Suitable for yakitori, robatayaki, skewers, kebab, steak, fish, vegetables, ribs, Satay, Chuan, Kawap

Smoky flavor is available by adding a few pieces of natural charcoal on the grill.

Reliable Griller which grill all kinds of foods & pursuit?great taste We created “Ceramic Charcoal” which was first in Japan in 1983. Our “unique” griller which brought the taste almost same as the taste by natural charcoal grill, was sensation. We, Kosei Kogyo, have been satisfying professional chefs by continuing research, original technology, product of excellent quality, and non-stop advancement.

Originality of “Kosei charcoal Griller”

For chefs wanting grilled foods of highest quality
Our “Kosei-charcoal” radiating far infrared rays made by ceramic Can grill foods with strong heat penetrating power.

What is Infrared Heating of KOSEI CHARCOAL?


Infrared waves can produce heat which is by far the best way to grill food. Infrared heat can travel a great distance without losing much heat or energy until it reaches the food you’re grilling, much like charcoal and the sun. The Kosei infrared grill uses special Kosei Rods heated by gas burners that radiates infrared heat. The high temperature makes it easy to sear and grill food, cooking it to be crispy on the outside yet moist and juicy on the inside. By using infrared heating, the Kosei infrared grill is more efficient than normal gas grills and can reach higher temperatures faster while performing with a lower BTU.