Installation record

Introduce our installation record at corporate blog.
More than 5500 units have been introduced all over the world .(USA, Canada, Australia, Portland, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, HongKong, Germany).

Please confirm that this product has been active in the variety of shops. To major chain restaurants from the shops that are opened by individuals, kosei charcoal griller has been active in a variety of business categories.
A tavern, a shop selling yakitori, a Japanese-style dish, a hotel restaurant, a steakhouse,restaurant serving everyday meals, an Italian , hamburger, an eel restaurant, a sushi shop, French, a lunch provider, a pork bowl, a company cafeteria, a daily dish, delivery, etc.

NUDE GRILL (Singapore)

Butalian (Korea)

AJISHO (Canada)


Chi (Canada)

kinkao (Singapore)

KOI (Canada)

zakkushi (Canada)

Akikan (Hong Kong)


q-shi-q (Canada)

and more